The Acoustic Guitar Repair Detective

Art.Nr.: 978-1-4950-6915-4

Autor: Neri, Paul

Untertitel: Case Studies of Steel-String Guitar Diagnoses and Repairs

Erscheinungsjahr: 2016

Verlag/Ort: New York 2016

Seiten: 88

Abb: ca. 60

ISBN/Art.: 978-1-4950-6915-4

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Learn to diagnose common problems relating to the adjustment, upkeep and repair of your acoustic guitar, as well as nylon-string guitars and ukuleles. Topics include: humidity/cracks/ braces/bridge plates/frets/guitar action/intonation /neck angle/tuning machines/strings/strap buttons/end pins/buying a used guitar/cleaning & polishing/pickups and much more