Sonic Graphics

Art.Nr.: 158226

Autor: Woolman, Matt

Untertitel: Seeing Sound

Weitere Angaben: Großformat

Erscheinungsjahr: 2000

Verlag/Ort: London 2000

Seiten: 176

Abb: 640

Farbabb: 609

ISBN/Art.: 978-0-500-28260-1

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Exemplary work from studios around the world is presented in three sections: Notation analyses the use of sign and symbol systems in creating identity and branding for music artists, recording projects and performances; Material considers how products can package the intrinsic nature of the music they contain; and Atmosphere looks at how space and multidimensional environments can be used to visualize sound. A reference section includes studio websites and a glossary. 640 illustrations, 609 in colour.